Monday, December 24, 2012

December 2012

December was a very busy and fast moving month for us! There were so many things that took place for our little family!

I have enjoyed every single moment with my baby girl Zoe and hubby Joey! I treasure each and every breathe I get.  I hold on to every moment I get to have with them!  Zoe is such a happy little girl! She loves to interact with everyone! Sometimes it takes her a little bit to warm up to people, some more than others... but once she does there is not going back!

Since the Christmas Decorations were put up inside and outside of our house, this little girl has gone to bed with these little glittery globes that light up! (I need to mention they have very expensive batteries inside them as well!)  Each and every night she says good night to the Christmas tree and moves over the little date holder on our countdown tree until Christmas Day! (along with the normal, kisses for mommy and daddy, and goodnights to the fishes up and down stairs)

When she crawls in her big girl bed: she crawls in with her baby doll (which is named baby zoe), two to three of those little light up globes, and then precedes to pile in all her Hundred Acre Woods stuffed animals from Winnie the Pooh which were a gift for her birthday last year from Mimi and Papa!  Then we turn on her Violet Doggy which plays bedtime music for 10 minutes... (I am not sure what we would do without it!)  In the last two weeks she has been piling in 3-6 little board books too!  Did I mention, "THIS IS A TODDLER BED?"  Anyways, it is a site to see... Every night I end up going in there to pull everything out of her bed, re-tuck her in, shut off all the globes, and make sure her baby doll is near her!  Sometimes I even restart her Violet doll.  Since I am starting to wake up more and more in the night to due pregnancy... I check on her at least 2 more times up until waking her up for the morning!  What I have noticed: she moves a billion times and sleeps just like her daddy!  I am starting to think a twin bed would have given her more room! Hahaha!

When I wake her up, she is such a happy baby girl! She has to grab her baby doll and globes, or books before saying, "up, please," to get over the gate of her doorway.  If she wakes us up for the morning... she is a little more verbal and is in a needy mood where she wants to be held mostly... and mostly meaning... by mommy!

She has been sleeping well for nap times too!  When she wakes up is a different story...  we are never sure what we will find when we go and get her from her mandated or should I say scheduled nap time.  Sometimes she is still in her bed, sometimes she is playing inside an emptied drawer, sometimes she is yanking the curtains off the wall, and other times she is at the door requesting our attention due to a "poop" attack in her diaper!  It's pretty funny actually!  She tends to nap with all her stuffed animals, globes, and books as well!

Well those are most of our sleeping patterns!  The rest of time we are just playing, reading, running, and even watching a few Micky Mouse Club or Word World episodes!  She does love to race! She will say in her own little way, "On your mark, set, go!"  Very cute to see and hear!  She loves to kick the soccer ball!  She loves to read books on her quilt that her Second (great?) Aunt Tina made!  She has a thing for helping Mommy out in every possible way.  I ended up getting her a broom set!  She loves to try and sweep!  This has helped me a lot because now when I am sweeping, she is sweeping with hers!  Now I just need to distract her when I vaccuum... it's so hard to vaccumm when you are pregnant and have a toddler trying to lead the heavy vaccumm at the same time.  Not much gets done when she helps me with that, but it's cute in the moment!  I usually find ways to distract her so that I can quickly knock out a little area when she is not looking!  She is also starting to immitate me with her play kitchen and foods! Its really cute to watch! 

She loves to cuddle on the couch with mommy or daddy!  If food is in the living room it's usually daddy.  She will go love on him to try and get him to share!  It usually works!  She is working on being potty trained again... she goes on the potty about 2-4 times a day by her choice and once in a while with me begging!  I really want to get her daytime potty trained before Baby Chloe is born to help save money on diapers!!!  I am also going to try and use cloth diapers with Baby Chloe, so wish me luck!

Zoe still goes for walks/jogs in the BOB stroller with mommy each week! She also attends the little gym every week as well!  We are looking for other options for her to try once she turns two in two months though!

I am now 26 weeks preggy and weigh 120 pounds! I have gained about 14 pounds total so far.  I have a feeling after today and the rest of the break it will go up a lot more!  Baby Chloe is doing great!  She is about 2 pounds and 14 inches long! Her heart beat is between 148 to 160 bpm! I still have a feeling she will be coming a week or so early, but we will see as it gets closer!

We are currently brain storming ideas for the toddler/nursery room!  We will most likely be doing Minnie Mouse for Zoes toddler bed which in effect will mean, Chloes crib will be minnie mouse as well!  I have been looking all over for one to match the already painted yellow room... so far walmart and amazon have the one we like!  Now to figure out if we can get the winnie the pooh border down without a lot of effort or just keep it up and pray no one notices!  I am really for just piling on a minnie one on top or just painting over it with like a purple so it matches the Minnie comforter... but we will see what the hubby decides... Our goal... or I mean.... my goal is that Zoe gets her new toddler room make over right after her birthday before Baby Chloes debute! It gives her something that is for her before there is a new sibling here in our arms along with her! I think she will love having new bed stuff and decorations on the wall!

There might be a baby shower to celebrate Baby Chloes soon appearance! More to come on the information later!  I think it will be fun and a way to celebrate Baby Chloe, Zoes baby sister! I am very excited to do a baby registry for Baby Chloes wish list in a few days too!  Since hubby and I decided we will probably only have two precious gifts from GOD above, I am excited to celebrate both in every way possible!  And I definetly want to try things I did not think of for Zoe, with Chloe...especially if 2 is it~!

Wow, I can't believe we will have to little girls in three months!  I almost feel like I need to get my check list going!!!  We have not started anything in preparation yet!  I mean I did buy Chloe two little dresses the other day... that way she has some new outfits... but besides that... nothing... hmmm, guess I should get on that!  And for the record, I am not procrastinating... I am simply giving ZOE every single moment I can!  I mean her only child status will soon expire! ha ha ha!

Ok I think we got in a few topics that some of you may not be up to date with!  Here are some captured moments over the last month! WARNING, THERE ARE ALITTLE OUT OF ORDER

Dec. 1st at the Little Gym

Later that evening... proof you should never take your eyes off her!

December 13th- Mommy got an award from the district she works for! The district picked her, not her school, so it felt pretty good to get it!  Her I am with the superintendent!  Daddy and Zoe (and baby Chloe) were here to cheer me on!

Dec. 15th in Arlington- Zoe and Cousin Addison are waiting to go to Cousin Kaylees 5th birthday party! It was cute because both girls had coordinating outfits of pink and brown!

Picture time on December 16th- everyone met for Breakfast before we headed back to San Antonio, it was a blessed morning!!! Such a gift to have everyone there!!!

Mimi and Zoe

Aunts and Uncles, Zoe

 Mencheys and Brar

Menchey BOYS

The Boys with Papa and Mimi

Papa and his boys

Kaylee and Zoe

Boys, Papa, Mimi

Zoe all dressed up in early December for our Christmas Card Picture!

Zoe being silly for the camera!

Mommy and Daddy going through alot of takes to try and get a good picture for the Christmas Card!

The picture mommy really wanted to put on the Christmas Card!

This one too!
Ok Back to Dec. 15th, Chucke Cheese in Arlington for Kaylees 5th bday party


Always remembering to snap the belt!

Birthday Girl Kaylee

Lots of kiddos!

December 21- Zoe's daycare Christmas Party

She got to see Santa after mommy left to go back to work!

Mommy showing off the belly, Dec. 19th

This is what 26 weeks preggy looks like!

Christmas Ornament Exchange from my web friends on THE SUNNY PATCH! Thank you Jodi!

The amazing jump! We took Zoe since we missed the Little Gym! She has a blast!

Dec. 23 Zaelynn came over after we all went to church! She got to play with Zoe for like 3-4 hours! It was much fun to see them interact!

Dec. 24 Christmas Eve run for Zoe, mommy and Baby Chloe

December 24 Christmas Eve Night- Baby Ethan and Zoe, she loved interacting with him! She kept saying, "Baby!"

Zaelynn, Zerique, Derek

Zaelynn and Zoe playing together

Elaine and Baby Ethan

Santa made a quick stop before going to drop off all his other gifts for all the kiddos around the world!




Santa enjoying his cookies and milk!

Watching us while we read books to our kiddos!

So Zoe will go to Santa for a cookie!

Zaelynn will go near Santa for M&Ms!


The girls swapping presents!

Derek enjoying the moment!
Why so serious in this picture?

It was such a blessing to spend Christmas Eve with our very close friends that our like family to us! We love them so much and appreciate them coming out to spend it with us!  Zoe had a blast with everyone!!!
December 25- Christmas Morning, Santa Came

Mommy and Zoe went for a run... Zoe did not get to see anything yet!

Zoe loved all of her thoughtful gifts from everyone! Thank you so very much!

Here she was a little disappointed that the Reindeer Aunt Holly got her was not a rocking horse... it was so funny!

A teachers' kiddo.... lots of books and learning things for Zoe!
Uncle Jeffrey

Zoe after nap time, decided to color in her drawer after removing all the items in it!
Gilly came over to play with Zoe on Christmas Night!
Zoe, Baby Chloe, and Mommy cuddling on a little couch!
Dear Baby Zoe and Chloe,
What a dream come true from GOD ABOVE! I am so blessed to have you in my life and treasure each and every moment! I can not wait for you Chloe to arrive so you can meet you sister! She loves you so very much and will be such a caring sister to you! Zoe, mommy is so very blessed to have so many special moments with you! Thank you for each and every single hug, kiss, and chance to share time with you! I love you with every ounce in my heart, soul, and body! You mean the world to me and daddy! We love you so very much! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our hearts and life!
Baby Chloe, thank you for all of your kicks and movements! I love each and every one of them! I can not wait to hold you in my arms! Stay in the tummy as long as you need! Stay healthy, strong, and continue to grow with each and every day! Mommy, Daddy, and Zoe will be here waiting for you when you are ready to make your big debute! No rush precious baby girl!
Love, Mommy